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Is your company VAT registered? Do you need to be registered for VAT?

We can advise on whether you should or should not be registered, and what  is beneficial to your business.

It is important to keep on top of  VAT regulations as there are fines for late or incorrect submissions.

Compliance with VAT is complex and Investigations by HMRC can be intense, all the more important that your VAT returns are completed correctly.

At Accolade we can complete your quarterly or annual VAT Returns and let you know how much you owe HM Revenue & Customs, or advise on any Refunds you are entitled to.

We will ensure that the returns are on time and accurate, ensuring you avoid penalties and the possibility of an investigation is decreased, but should you receive a visit from the Inspector to check compliance, we can be present to help you if you wish.

We Can….

             ? Complete your Bookkeeping and then complete your return or:

             ? Complete your return from your own books.




Our wide range of services cover everything from Basic Income Tax and Corporation Tax to provision of advice on all Personal and Corporate tax matters which will enable you to maximise your tax position.

Our tax specialists are certain to save you money, which means you have more income at your disposal.

We are fully conversant with taxation issues and will not only ensure that your tax affairs fully comply with all legal requirements, but also that your liabilities are minimised and your tax planning opportunities are optimised.

We Can…

            ? Complete your tax calculations and advise you how much and when to pay, so you have no unpleasant surprises.

            ? Handle all communications with Revenue & Customs to ensure your affairs are processed correctly.

            ? Ensure that your Tax Return is completed in order to meet filing deadlines and avoid penalties.

            ? Act as your tax agent, so HM Revenue & Customs will automatically copy all relevant correspondence to us,
               ensuring that we deal with your tax affairs on your behalf in timely fashion.

            ? Ensure all backup records are retained for the appropriate period of time.

We can calculate…

            ? Capital Gains

            ? Chargeable Gains Tax

            ? Property Tax

            ? Corporation Tax

            ? Income Tax

Tax Returns can be completed for...

            ? Individuals and sole traders

            ? Partnerships

            ? Limited Companies

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